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  • Gold Package - Homepage Slider - $500 per month, billed quarterly
  • Silver Package - Homepage Ad under Slider - $150 per month, billed quarterly
  • Basic Package - Ads in all other categories - $150 billed month to month,
    certain restrictions apply

Get the Max out of your marketing dollars with Dealioz’s Controlled Advertising. We will design your Ad page and promote you to your preferred audience by:

Gender - Age Group - Income - Location

This technique will target the right consumers to assist you in growing your business in the following areas:
  • Attract and Retain new customers in your community
  • Increase customer traffic during slow business hours
  • Maximize your customers buying power with multiple deals
  • Increase your networking to generate Referrals and Leads
  • Our concept creates a repeat shopper you will know by name


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an agreed upon schedule of posting. will allow unlimited ad changes
(discount only) during the stated ad period in an effort to secure the best
discount offer to attract and maintain new customers. As part of my promotion
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